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G said... Tweet Share
I was a camper at Camp Kippewa for 3 years, but I have memories from camp that will last a lifetime. I learned so many new skills from archery, to waterskiing, to pottery. I learned disciplinary skills and life responsibilities such as cleaning up after myself, waking up early, and setting the table for meals. I had amazing teachers and counselors who taught me, guided me and made me laugh and smile. Everyone at Kippewa supported each other and it was always a place of love and kindness. I also made friendships with the greatest girls who made me so happy and made my time at camp so incredible. The teachers, staff, and my camp friends really helped make me into the person I am today and I am so grateful I was able to spend my time there. I will never forget the summers that I spent at Camp Kippewa. They were some of the greatest years of my life.
Jessica said... Tweet Share
When we pranked our counsler at night.
Jackie said... Tweet Share
Camp Kippewa is amazing. Before then, you can ask anyone I was this shy girl sitting in the back of the class then only talking during recess. But the girls there are so nice and so accepting that it's impossible almost not to make friends. I've met many many amazing campers and staff members there who I will never forget. They also have many activities to choose from :D
Jeff said... Tweet Share
seeing my daughter after her first extended time away from home, how she matured and changed, though the few short weeks in Maine...and how she insists on being signed up to return the next summer prior to leaving at the end of her month are worth the price of admission
Todd said... Tweet Share
A camp memory from a proud Kippewa father... My most memorable camp memory is finding a garter snake the day before camp was to end for the summer. Since I was too scared to pick it up, my counselor picked it up for me and put it into a small box. I took it on the bus and when we arrived back in NY, I showed it to my parents. Since they hadn't seen me in 8 weeks (except for visiting day), they didn't want to disappoint me and said I could keep it. The only condition was I had to take care of it. Naturally, I said "yes". Sure enough, a few days later, the snake escaped and the next thing I hear is a scream from my mother who found the snake on the basement steps. She told me to pick it up, but I was too scared and we had a stand off right there on the basement steps. After about 5 minutes my 5 year old sister wanders in, sees the snake, picks it up and that was that. We deposited my short lived pet in the woods and that was the last snake see the inside of my house.
Carey said... Tweet Share
Camp is a fun and welcoming place for me. I was twelve my first year of camp, so most other girls in my year already knew each other. Even as the newcomer, I was immediately welcomed and accepted, which was an amazing experience. Camp is a place where I can let go and have fun with my friends, without worrying what they think of me. I think that everyone should have the experience of a completely safe place where you can just let go and be you.
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