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Located on our 120 acre lakeside campus in central Maine, Androscoggin is the summer home for 275 boys between 8 and 15 and 75 staff. Since 1907, campers and counselors have been sharing summers to remember, playing sports, learning new activities and exploring all that Maine has to offer. With one 7 week session - 1st year campers can enroll for 4 weeks - and a wide range of team sports and individual activities and an extensive trip program, boys participate in every activity and can also specialize in their favorites. As importantly, "Andro" boys feel part of a close knit community where they know everyone in camp, form positive relationships with trusted adults and make friendships that last a lifetime. We strive each summer to create an environment in which every camper can learn, grow and ......have the summer of his life.
Summer Address
126 Leadbetter Road
Wayne, ME 04284
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601 West Street
Harrison, NY 10528
Camp Reviews — Memories from Real Camp Families
Read these stories from our camp community and add yours:
Lodge 2014 said... Tweet Share
I'm writing this on behalf of my 29 best friends with whom I have just spent my final amazing summer at Camp Androscoggin. Throughout the summers we spent as campers, for some of us as many as 8 and for others as few as three, there was no doubt that Androscoggin was the place where we formed our favorite memories. Every summer we returned home to the beautiful campus, the green grass fields, the calm blue lake, the brightly decorated bunks. It is not lost on us that there are other camps with similar facilities as Andro, however, it is impossible to replicate the emotion and tradition at Androscoggin. To be honest, it is really difficult to put into words the feel of Andro, but to put it simply, it's defined by the smile that creeps onto everyone's face when they spend time at Andro. It's the hugs from counselors, the high-fives from friends, and the little things that are all so perfect at Andro. Truly, the only way to comprehend it is to experience it. As we have had to say goodbye to camp for the last time the tears we have shed have been innumerable, the empty feeling of knowing we can't return has been unavoidable, and the daunting task of moving on still looms over us. However, eventually, the pain will subside a little and all that will remain will be the millions of memories, fragments of years at a place which became our home. And this will justify the fun we had, the jokes we shared, the time we spent together, because it will make all of our years everlasting as the best of our lives.
Marc said... Tweet Share
Last year was the first year that our 2 boys and our 2 nephews were all together at Andro for the summer. They live far from each other and it means so much to us to have them all be together and build memories that they will share forever.
Marc said... Tweet Share
I met my son at Androscoggin for the father/son weekend at the end of his first summer there. He was so proud to show me around and have me experience camp with him for a few days - playing ball, eating in the dining hall, camp-fires and sleeping in the bunk. After the weekend, I realized how much he loves it there and what a special place it is for him. I'm glad that we are fortunate enough to be able to provide that experience for him and (now this year) his little brother.
Randi said... Tweet Share
Our two sons went to Androscoggin for seven years each and we (my husband, myself, and my boys) could not have been happier. If you are looking to send your boys to a place where they can play sports, form strong friendships, experience the outdoors of Maine (nothing beats the senior year rafting trip), then this is the place for you. I always felt completely secure knowing that Roberta and Peter were looking after my boys. They hire terrific counselors. It was very sad when their years at Andro came to an end. I loved visiting weekend for a great excuse to spend a few days in Maine every year. It's the best place to send your children for a summer outdoor experience.
Elyse said... Tweet Share
Our boys are 3rd generation campers at Camp Androscoggin. Our youngest son is in his last year as a camper and we will miss our weekend of visiting camp in Maine. Even though our sons are very different, Camp Andro gave them the skills and independence to thrive. Peter and Roberta have a special relationship with the boys. When it is hot and steamy in New York, we knew our boys were participating in their activities in the beautiful, cooler, climate. Our boys have formed life-long friendships and each is a better person for their time at camp in Maine.
Nan said... Tweet Share
Maine and their camps, is there anything better? No, not by our standards. Pine trees, beaches, lakes, lighthouses, and deep blue skies are all welcoming sights when you arrive, not to mention the vast wildlife. Within this great state are the Maine camps. Maine camps are the best of the best with years of experience behind them. Generations of families return to the same camp because it is such a positive life experience for their children. Camp Androscoggin is that camp. We have been involved with Androscoggin for two generations, my brothers and now my sons. It has never let us down and continues to exceed expectations. Androscoggin??s unique program has a winning formula allowing its boys to grow and mature through friendships, camaraderie, and every day fun in the great Maine outdoors. It gives boys the chance to believe in themselves, to face challenges and become masters of their skills. Whether their skills are sports, music or visual arts, boys come to realize they have the ability to conquer all while building self confidence and gaining independence. Androscoggin and Maine go hand in hand, it is a blueprint for happiness, positive memories, and life -long friendships. Boys never leave Androscoggin. They return year after year, first as a camper, then as a counselor, always as alumnae and lastly as a proud parent. When I see these boys and men return year after year, I notice that little bit of Maine and Androscoggin feeling has never left their soul. It is the kind of camp which helps to create joyful memories that are never forgotten; Tubby??s, the Allagash, The Seadogs, Color War, the Lodge and more! For my family there is no other camp like it anywhere! Thank you Camp Androscoggin for giving my boys the summers of a lifetime!!
“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”




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